Who's Who

St. Margaret's Church - let's introduce you to our Vicar and Parish Parochial Council (PCC)


Rev Rie Walker


Trained with L.C.T.P, University of Cumbria, ordained 2015.

Rie, formerly a nurse and teacher, brings lots to St Margaret's

Telephone number

07957 334562 or 01772 727208

Michelle Jones

            Church Warden 

           Vicar's Wingman



         LLM Pastoral care

      Safeguarding Support

Marion Fleming

          Church Warden.

         Vicar's Wingman 


          Ministry Team.

Alison Gibb.

            PCC Member 

        LLM Pastoral Care 

         Children's Worker

            Ministry Team 

         Hospitality Team

   Lisa Hayes

             PCC Member 

          Deputy Finance. 



      Barbara Trigg 

          PCC Member 

      LLM Pastoral Care 

        Flower fairy

 Barbara Potts

               PCC Member 

 Judith Patten

           PCC Member 

            Parish Buyer

          Deputy Finance 

 Cathleen Wilkinson

             PCC Member 

        LLM Pastoral Care