About St Margaret's Church, Ingol

St Margaret's is an extensive and diverse parish both geographically and socially, stretching from Cadley to Cottam, with Greyfriars to the north-east boundary and Lea to the west.

There has been substantial expansion of the number of homes in Cottam, and also, currently, on the northern boundaries of Cottam, Ingol and Fulwood.

St Margaret's mission is to attract and welcome these potential new worshippers and strengthen the links between the church and the surrounding area. The aim is to create a resilient and robust Christian community, enabling all to feel welcome and nurturing their faith as full and equal members of the church family.

The church provides a friendly environment with a supportive Parochial Church Council (PCC), receptive to new ideas.

Reflecting some of the social needs of the parish, the church plays a leading role in running the Share IT food bank, as well as organising 'Friday Feast' sessions during the Christmas and summer school holidays.  These are run in co-operation with other organisations, including Preston City Council.

St Margaret's has a modern church building and vicarage, and a well-equipped Parish Centre which is the focal point of a range of community activities.